ATmega2560 Breakout Board

A simple breakout board for the Atmel ATmega2560 microcontroller. The board provides 4 26-pin I/O connectors, a 6-pin ISP connector and a crystal.

The board is 2 inches square with 4 mounting holes located 125 mils from the board edge. The I/O connectors are located on 100 mil centers. The ISP connector (J5) is off the 100 mil grid by 50 mils in the X axis, a small oversight on my part. The surface mount inductor and capacitors are 0805, the crystal is a HC-49 case. The minimum trace/space is 8/8 and the minimum drill is 20 mils. Using these design minimums the board can be manufactured by BatchPCB. The schematic and gerber files are available if you would like to build your own boards.

Gerber images

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